Why do we call it The Crux?

In the midst of climbing a mountain, every person will encounter the Crux. It's the most difficult section of a journey, or the place where the greatest danger exists. We believe that teenage years are some of the most formative years of a person's life. We also believe that this is the time when the greatest danger is present. That is why we have named our youth ministry The Crux. Our desire is to embrace this formative time with loving relationship to help teenagers develop an identity that is anchored in God's grace.

When do we meet?

Wednesday @ 6:30pm- 7th-12th graders meet for a time of worship, teaching, discussion, and fun.


Sunday @ 9:00am- 7-12th Graders serve every week as Kingdom Workers throughout the church's other ministries.


Sunday @ 10:00am- Students are encouraged to join their families for Main Worship.

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